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Can you lose weight on an egg diet?

The egg diet has been considered an effective diet for weight loss. If you are thinking to reduce obesity, so it proves to be very effective. The egg diet provides low carbohydrate and high protein. You should not take starchy vegetables, grains, processed food, high-carb fruits, and sugar-sweetened beverages during the egg diet. Always make a fix-boiled egg diet plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What should not eat on a boiled egg diet?

You should not eat these things-

Potatoes, bananas, sweet potatoes, soda, bacon, dried fruit, peas, juice, pasta, mangoes, sweet tea, cookies, sweets, bread, corn, legumes, fast food, sports drinks, pineapples, barley.

The Boiled egg diet menu

egg diet menu

The boiled egg diet menu should be for 3 times a day that is morning, lunch, and dinner.

In Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs + non-starchy vegetable + low carb fruits

In Lunch – boiled egg or lean protein food like chicken & fish + non-starchy vegetable

In Dinner – if you eat a boiled egg for lunch so can eat chicken or fish in dinner with non-starchy vegetables.

What should do during the egg diet?

To get the boiled egg diet result should follow the tips –

It is better if you do not consume egg and water only because it can be risky for you.

You should change the type of vegetable, fruit, grain during everyday meals. It means to avoid the same vegetable or same fruit or same grain or same drink in egg diet plan.

You can do some normal exercise, cycling, running or aerobics.

Avoid high sugar, oil, and butter

Avoid starchy vegetables and high carb fruits

For how many days should you follow the egg diet?

You should follow the 14-day egg diet menu to get better results.

Eat only 2 boiled eggs and fruits in breakfast until 14 days

You can eat salad, chicken, steamed vegetables in lunch

At dinner, sometimes can eat fruits and eggs, sometimes chicken and salad, and sometimes only steamed veggie and salads.


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