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What Is The Difference Between Box Braids And Regular Braids?

Box Braids

Tribal hairstyles with braids set the trend line among celebrities, girls, and women. Box braid is one of them that starts a new trend because it provides up to 4 weeks of style longevity. But what about regular braids? Is it different from box braids? We will talk over the basics and differences between box braids and regular braids? let’s not spendthrift time & discuss the difference.

Box Braids

Box braids mean that the braids are made in a square shape in the form of a box shape. A square partition is made to form a box braid. Space is seen in your scalp that creates tribal braid hairstyle thin or chunky. Therefore, a box braid is perfect for thick hair because your scalp will visible in thin hair. Nevertheless, you want to do a box braid hairstyle so can use a bunch of hair extensions.

Regular Braids

Regular braid is different from tribal braid styles. These braids are made anyhow or in any patterns. They also do not need much time to make tribal box braids or 3 layers of tribal braid or Fulani braids.

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Helpful Tips Before Getting Box Braids

  • Avoid box braid if the hair is thin
  • Use hair extension to hide the scalp
  • Thoroughly wash and deep condition hair
  • Cover your hair with a silk cloth at night
  • Apply scalp oil

Difference Between Regular Braids & Box Braids

Regular BraidsBox Braids
Style longevity is lessStyle longevity is more until 4 weeks approx.
It does not take much time to style braidsThis needs a maximum of 5 hours to style box braid
It does not cost highIts cost can be $250+
It can be made in thick or thin or short or medium hairs.Thick hair is required

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